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Q. Do you offer cloud VOIP solutions including international countries?

We offer many different VOIP products to cater for every need of telephony services. Including packages for UK to international calls.

Q. How do your Managed IT Services work?

InstanceUK will build a support structure and tailor it to your business. We understand all businesses are different and require different support.

Q. Do you provide site visits?

Our site visits are scheudled every 3 months for a meeting to update the client on any projects, we also offer site visits inside the monthly cost of your IT contract.

Q. Do you fix hardware?

Absolutly, we fix any hardware problems allowing us to either repair on site or hot swap out for another machine as needed.

Q. How long do your support contracts last?

Our support contracts are 12months, we reviews every 3 months, this includes as site visit.