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InstanceUK was launched in 2016. Since then we have managed to support many businesses around Colchester and Essex allowing them to work without any issues. Managing projects from start to finish including some great wide scale app developments for various clients. With over 10 years’ experience we have managed to provide IT Support in a professional yet friendly manner. We have developed our business to accommodate all business types and have products to suit each business as needed. Our work ethic is based on customer service, being on the end of the phone not only as the “boring IT bod” but as a voice of knowledge to not only fix your issues but help you understand why these are happening or what has caused it.

Offering IT Training to businesses helps employees learn the do’s and do nots when working on machines, it also allows directors or management to concentrate on development of the business rather than training of staff in house. The tools we have created to allow us to support any business type gives us an edge to help you more effect and quickly. Our new InstanceUK toolbox has helped many of our Colchester clients with there IT Support allowing us to give support with less time waiting for programs to download or IP address to be found Other service offerings that have helped our clients are InstaHost and InstaMail, offering cheap but reliable website and email hosting. Other Services include our state of the art datacenter Hosted Desktops giving our clients the ability to work remotely and have a familiar working environment.

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